by Sadraen

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released June 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Sadraen Amiens, France

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Track Name: Hollow Shepherd
My fathers were wrong
I'm not the one
I’m just a try made of greed
I am the weed
In the garden of ideas
So hate me as I hate myself

Shall I die ? no lifetime I think I shan’t have this
And each day I watch my world fall appart

Now watch my face and tell the truth

Live for failure
Or for defeating what God gave us
I am now the empty result of what you driven
Track Name: Decathexis
My illness
My fate
My sorrow
My pain
My hatred
This shit eating my brain

But if I live I promise I won’t be the same
I’ll try to help those who didn’t have this chance
So please take me back from death
I swear on myself : I’ll be a great man not only a human

What if I live?
What if I come back from this?
Why should I live if it’s to live the same?
To fill myself with emptiness
I know I’m dead
I’m running out of life

No other time openning my eyes
No other dawn warming my skin
No other breath to feel alive
I’ll give you whatever you need


Have I sunk so far away from dawn?
No other pain for tomorrow
I don’t care of who cares for me
I know the truth I’ll never awake

I was alive...
Track Name: Immerslive
I grew up in sorrow
I own a life that I should not have
So I hate those who don’t care theirs
Degrading their souls

Watch out for inner
If you want your life to be better
Expect yourself to claim for your own end
Just ask me, I'm pleased to help

Be perfect or be dead
It’s the only rule you’d respect
If you don’t care for your life
Bring it back to millions who want

I should be stillborn
And not see the day
So I slain and I ma
Those who don’t have to live
Because nobody needs them
And no one will cry on their graves

(No one will cry on your grave)
Track Name: Placid Sear
Since human went insane
Lay to the ground and prey
For the earth to stay the same
Hear the world run in vain
Open your eyes to see

The mindless crowd is shattering all our children’s’
Each hour another scenery fills the oceans
And I can't keep breathing
The air has thickened
I'm the conscious one
Livin’ among the sinners

Sit upon the land
The soil you embrace
Is nobody ashamed?

What will you tell your son if he asks you : “Father why
Did you not try to keep the world as you have known :
And I can’t keep walking
The earth has rotten
If I open my eyes
I only see it blacken

We all live in a Placid Sear